Dr. Herbert B. Robinson, Jr., Senior Pastor

As the eldest son of Dr. Verdie Robinson-Curry and the late Pastor Herbert B. Robinson, Sr., the pursuit of God’s Word was instilled in him by way of the Holy Spirit in church, at home and with both sets of grandparents early in life. The Spirit of God was so heavy on the heart of Herbert B. Robinson, Jr., that he knew at age three that he would be preaching the Word of God one day. There have been some who have argued that three years old is too young to be conscience of anything, but with God all things are possible, just as His thoughts, ways and means are above ours.

Being a student of God's Word were initiated by the lessons Herbert Jr. heard Herbert Sr. teach, the sermons he heard him preach and the values he assigned to a devoted prayer life. A faithful prayer life has always been a strong component of the Robinson family. Praying without ceasing has always been the mantra and primary element of Herbert Jr.'s life. His accomplishments are attributed to prayers by others for him and prayers that he has asked God to answer. He admits that all of God's answers were not what was expected but God gave him what he needed instead. As it turned out, what God gave Herbert Jr. was always better than what he wanted. Over the thirty years that he has been preaching, those lessons have been the ruling passion of Herbert Jr.'s teaching that God always has something better than what we want.

Herbert Jr. always prayed that he would finish college to make life better for his family and himself. More than anything else, he wanted to be an encouraging role model for his three children, Mya, Eva and Evan, and give his parents the pleasure of seeing him graduate. God, therefore, led him to earn Associate, Bachelor and Mastered degrees before the demise of his father, Herbert Sr. in 2002. Herbert Sr. was very proud to preach the installation sermon of Herbert Jr.'s first assignment as the Pastor of the Peace and Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church in 1999.

After nine years (9) of faithful service pastoring on the eastside of Detroit, Michigan, Herbert Jr. accepted his second pastoral assignment at the True Love Missionary Baptist Church where his father had pastored for 33 years until his going home to be with the Lord. Upon his appointment as pastor in 2008, he has been determined to elevate Jesus, edify saints, evangelize souls and pray for his enemies. In 2009, his parents Dr. L.K. and Verdie Curry, with family, friends and the church, celebrated his graduation from Ecumenical Theological Seminary with a Doctorate degree that he dedicated to his father, Dr. Herbert B. Robinson, Sr.

The fellowship with True Love has been a wonderful journey that has seen highs and lows with the glory of God illuminating the ever, unending path to His kingdom. True Love has done some marvelous things under Pastor Robinson, Jr., which are recorded in the church records. The most marvelous thing that the church has witnessed Pastor Robinson, Jr. do in 2017 was to marry the woman he loves deeply, Sister Brandi Jenkins, who was born and raised in True Love. Their marriage is defined as true love.

With Sister Jenkins as his wife, she has brought a new glow to Pastor Robinson, the church, and their families. Her support of Pastor Robinson, Jr. is evidenced by her presence, her constant faith and abiding love. Pastor Robinson, Jr. is not going to forget to acknowledge her in church whenever he can because of how God has blessed him with who he needed most.