“May you be forever blessed with food, drink, and rest for you body; and laugher, hope, and love for your soul.”

If these are your thoughts and prayers for our less fortunate brothers and sisters, you can help by supporting our benevolent outreach ministries.

Here at True Love, we have several ministries dedicated to that endeavor with which you may align yourselves. These ministries, under the umbrella of the Department of Missions, are as follows: The Focus Hope Ministry; The Pantry Ministry; Females in Action Today (F.I.A.T.); The Senior and Junior Laymen.

To find out ways in which you may help, please contact the president of any of those ministries.

Prayerfully Submitted,
Trustee Alphonso W. Murphy, Jr.

LORD, please help us embrace our neighbors with care. Fill our hearts with compassion so we may feed, clothe, heal and give shelter to those in need. Amen.

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