The True Love laymen’s League was established in 1977, under the pastorate of the late Rev. Herbert B. Robinson, Sr. The Laymen were organized to serve as “de facto” assistants to the Pastor. Deacon W. R. Davis was elected as the first president. His elected staff consisted of: Deacon Jerry Cochran, Membership V.P.; Brother Charlie Hankerson, Program V.P.; Brother Linwood Davis, Secretary/Treasurer; Brother James Dunlap, Fellowship/Co-Op V.P. After the passing of Deacon W. R. Davis in 1993, Deacon Thomas Anderson was elected president, and still holds that position today. The other current officers are: Deacon David Jones, Secretary/Treasurer; and Trustee Alphonso W. Murphy, Jr., Program V.P. There are five committee chairs: Trustee Arthur Williams, Personal Faith/Christian Living; Deacon Thomas Dixon, Church Administration; Brother Donald Fails, Missions and Evangelism; Trustee James Jackson, Christian Social Service and Action; and Deacon Steven Henry and Brother Darren Partlow, Boys Work.

Some of the objectives of the Laymen are:

  •   To persuade unchurched men to revere true fellowship with the church
  •   To encourge men to be actively concerned with the betterment of the community
  •   To help men in guiding their families toward fuller Christian development and co-operation
  •   To promote Christian relationships
  •   To inspire men in the Spirit of giving to the up-building of the church, physically and financiallyThe Laymen have been active in various outreach ministries, including: feeding and ministering to the homeless at the Detroit Rescue Mission and The Genesis House; collecting clothing and toiletries for C.O.T.S. and other shelters; street witnessing; and visiting with the sick and shut-in at homes, nursing homes and hospitals.The Senior Laymen nurture and mentor the Junior Laymen to prepare them to be the Senior Laymen of the future. The Laymen work in conjunction with the Department of Missions on several occasions such as: transporting Seniors to and from True Love during Mission Week; Delivering food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas time; and any other function for which they need our assistance.

    We are a missionary church and we are ALL missionaries; therefore, we fervently pray that more members will join with us to carry out the work of our Glorious God.

    ~ Submitted by Trustee Alphonso W. Murphy, Jr.

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